Dr. med. Peter Polyanszky
Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin
Naturheilverfahren, Sportmedizin, Chirotherapie, Akupunktur, Berg- und Höhenmedizin
Gleiwitzer Str. 23, 91058 Erlangen / Tel.: 09131 / 35726

We offer comprehensive treatments of typical sport injuries such as pulled muscles and strains, torn muscles, swelling and pain in the joints, back problems, Achilles tendon irritation, tennis and golf elbow, sprains, pulled ligaments, problems with the wrist or fingers, etc.

Additionally, we also offer examinations to certify physical suitability for all kinds of sports, including medical certificates for diving, medical certificates for competitions, certificates for the admittance to study sport at university or as an advanced course at secondary school, and medical certificates for “Fit to Box”.