Dr. med. Peter Polyanszky
Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin
Naturheilverfahren, Sportmedizin, Chirotherapie, Akupunktur, Berg- und Höhenmedizin
Gleiwitzer Str. 23, 91058 Erlangen / Tel.: 09131 / 35726

Most people associate chiropractic treatment with manipulation or adjustment. The type of chiropractic therapy I practice is based on the use of sensitive techniques: a loud crack is not the goal, but rather a gentle adjustment of a disturbance of the motion in the vertebrae or the joints.
A session of chiropractic therapy is always accompanied by instructions for self-mobilization or for physical therapy at home, occasionally a prescription for medication, or a recommendation for complementary therapies such as physiotherapy where applicable. I often combine chiropractic therapy with neural therapy.

Following this page, you can find a list with the spectrum of our services. As our practice provides many treatments associated with general medicine and homeopathic medicine, perhaps not all of the treatments you might be looking for will be listed, although they are part of the range we offer or have only recently been adopted. If you cannot find the treatment you would like or have special questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for information without any obligations.